• Preschool

    Nurturing your child's first steps towards a lifelong love of learning.
  • Start your child’s educational journey in our warm and welcoming environment. 

    Our Preschool provides early learners a nurturing environment from which to explore the fascinating world around them while building positive relationships in a community of caring educators and curious friends.

    Engaging, rich daily experiences prepare your child for long-term learning, joy and success. 

    Our program components, environment, materials and methods are all intentionally designed to support the developmental needs of young learners. For instance, thematic curriculum integrates literacy, science, math, movement, social-emotional learning and the arts – all through joyful, play-based experiences that set the foundation for both Kindergarten readiness and a lifelong love of learning. Rich and stimulating learning centers engage children in hands-on exploration that builds vocabulary and language skills, gross and fine motor coordination, empathy and social confidence, as well as skills needed for later school-age learning, such as initiative, investigation, problem-solving, self-regulation and personal responsibility. Circle time, music, fitness, outdoor play, snack and lunch and rest time are all enriching parts of our daily routine that promote socialization, community, well being and a positive self-concept.

    Our high quality curriculum ensures your child is getting the best start possible. 

    Our research-based curriculum supports state and national early learning standards, including being aligned to standards of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (see NAEYC.org for more information). We additionally align specific methods and content to the school district in order to prepare children for a seamless transition into their school age years.

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  • "My child has thrived in Right At School's preschool program. The staff is very involved; I feel like they are family and have helped shape and raise my daughter to be the best she can be. When we are at home, my daughter tells me how she CAN'T WAIT to go back to the Right At School program."

    —Rachel S., Parent