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  • What Research Says...

  • Using the Developmental Assets Profile, a well established and highly utilized social emotional learning assessment tool by Search Institute, data showed* Right Club students were “thriving” in their school environment and had substantial gains over the school year in social emotional skills, including:

    positive values (+64%)
    feeling empowered (+35%)
    social skills (+20%)
    commitment to learning (+20%)
    understanding boundaries and expectations (+19%)
    positive identity (+ 14%)


    *Study: 2015-16 school year, Germantown and Dunlap districts, IL, Developmental Assets Profile from SearchInstitute.org



  • What Families Say...

  • “Right at School seems to be a perfectly balanced option….We’re getting some structure; we’re getting smiling children and staff motivated to make a difference; we’re getting curiosity about our world and hands-on encouragement to set that curiosity; we’re getting fun; we’re getting social constructs; and we’re getting a happy growing kid….Learning should be fun; activity should be safe and foster a curiosity for life; and friends should part of it. They do this, and in my opinion, they do it well.”

    Jeff G., Parent

    “I am so impressed with your Right Club program and the Tutor Right program. My daughter brought up three of her grades this semester! She is doing really great and has more confidence now than she did before. I thank you and your staff for making a difference with her.”
    —Molly M., Parent

    “This is my second year sending my two children to Right At School located at Sauganash Elementary School. The team is absolutely amazing and makes my children feel like they are part of a family. When I pick up my children they are not only finished with their homework but have had an amazing afternoon of fitness. I always can tell my children are in good hands when I watch as the team interacts with my kids. There is a saying that people always mention that says it takes a village to raise a child. Right at School is part of my village and helps me raise my children to be good citizens. I highly recommend them!”
    —Kristina V., Parent

    “I love Right At School. I know I can trust everybody here, because we are a family. Another reason that Right At School is special is because the staff supports you. They keep us safe and care about us. Being a Junior Educator is very important to me. It has made me more responsible. It also makes me feel like a leader. I’m proud that they choose me and I’m excited to be a part of Right At School.”
    —Ella, 4th Grade

    “I just wanted to pass on to you all how great Right At School has been for us. My two children are at King Arts in Evanston and really love being with Miss Nina and Miss Annie. As a parent, I am so glad to have a place that they do their homework, are taken care of and I know that they are in good hands, which is a huge relief. It’s been great for me as I am transitioning to the work force from being a stay at home mom. This is a big change and knowing that they are safe, happy and taken care of means so much to me. Over the phone I have had a lot of contact with Diana in customer service and she has been great and responsive; thank you for being at our school and providing this valuable program. “
    —Olga W., Parent

    “Just a quick note of thanks to Mr. J and Mr. Brian of Right At School at Andrew Jackson Language Academy. My son, a first grader, who has gone to Right At School every afternoon this academic year, has enjoyed the program so much that he told me he wants to be a Right At School teacher when he grows up! Mr. J and Mr. Brian show so much enthusiasm, patience and creativity at their work; it makes all the difference. And it’s given me great piece of mind as parent.”
    —Jill W., Parent

    “My son attends Germantown Hills 69 School and is part of the Right at School program. My son was very excited to see one of his Right at School teachers, Janessa, attend his last JFL game on a Saturday afternoon. It was very thoughtful of her to give up some of her own weekend time to attend his game.”
    —Angie G., Parent

    “When I’m at Right At School, I feel as if I’m walking into this ginormous happy family. Here at Right At School, we all help one another and use teamwork to help get done what needs to get done. We’re all nice to one another, and when I see people being nice to one another, it makes me feel comfortable and happy. The Staff at Right At School also have helped me in so many different areas. They have helped me, not only academically, but also in becoming a more responsible person. I think that Right At School is a great program that helps children so much and in so many different forms. I know it has helped me.”
    —Eleanor, 5th Grade

    “The program has been great- so great that my child is upset on the mornings when we don’t send her to early care! I guess me walking her to school isn’t quite as fun.”
    —Jolee R., Parent

    “Right At School isn’t your average after-school program. It’s much more than you might expect. It’s not just getting a snack and doing homework. Right At School is family to me. We work and play together. We learn and have fun. Right At School has helped me in many ways. Staff helps me when I’m confused about my assignments. I’ve learned to be a responsible child. It has also helped me to work better with others. Last of all, Right At School has helped me become a kinder person.”
    —Aidan, 5th Grade

    “I wanted to drop a line to thank you for coming to Lincoln School! The program has really been wonderful, and the teachers are just terrific. Everyone is super friendly. The instructor are always smiling and super high energy. Best of all – they are totally ENGAGED with the children. My daughter is in 1st grade. At the start of the year she was a bit behind in her reading and was embarrassed and very emotional about reading, especially in front of her peers. Without me asking, the teachers at Right At School asked me if it would be ok if they spent some one on one time with my daughter to work on her reading. How wonderful is that?! Within a matter of days, she was excited to work with her instructors and moved very quickly to reading in a small group. She is doing terrific and has made a great deal of progress. Instead of tears, she is enjoying learning to read. As a working parent, it is really a relief to know that she is also getting her homework done after school. By the time we get home, we can enjoy some family time at dinner and not have the stress of homework. We can concentrate on her spelling and supplemental reading/writing. The other parents I speak with are also very happy with this program. Thank you for Colleen and the entire Right at School staff at Lincoln School! One last note, it is really a compliment to the program when my child groans when she sees me at school to pick her up. Even after a long day at school, she doesn’t want to leave. Seriously, she doesn’t.”
    —Jackie A., Parent

    “Right Club has been a great choice for our three sons this term. The kids like it so much they complain when we pick them up early. And the staff have been incredibly accommodating when schedules change and are attentive to issues like food allergies. Right Club is a great opportunity for families.”
    —Jennifer P., Parent

    “Our son came to Newberry Math and Science academy as a first grader. The transition at the beginning of the school year was a bit tough as most of the kids in his class had been together since kindergarten and he found himself as the new kid with “no friends.” As working parents we needed an after school program that would be engaging and educationally focused during those important hours after school. We made the right choice with Right At School! Right At School has been a great program where our son has gotten a chance to make lots of new friends, in addition to those in his classroom, and has gained self-confidence. Our son enjoys play-time, the extracurricular activities, and the arts and crafts which are always fun as well as educational – he always has great stories to share. Most importantly, for us as parents, is the quality time that Ms. Vicky and Ms. Bevin dedicate to reading books and homework time. They make sure our son not only completes his homework, but they correct him as needed and pushing him when they know he can do much better. For example my son’s writing needed lots of improving and Ms. Vicky had him do extra practice writing tasks and he has improved. We recently received an update on his grades and these have improved – his writing went from a C to a B. We know both Ms. Vicky and Ms. Bevin had a lot to do with that. We can’t say enough about Ms. Vicky and Ms. Bevin, they are compassionate, engaging and attentive to all of the kids and they should be commended. Thank you for a great program and for great staff!”
    —Rosa E. and Mike O., Parents

    “I wanted to also share how happy we have been with Right at School this year. My daughter loves it! Colleen, Maryam, and Scott have been wonderful. I love that there is a positive reinforcement system in place too. Love it!”
    —Marci R., Parent

    “I want to give a quick thank you to Right At School and Coach Bevin. My daughter told me Ms. Bevin taught her to climb the monkey bars and she now has so much confidence at the top! It’s great to know that the Right at School Team is so fully engaged with the kids!”
    —Julie W., Parent

    “Right At School has far exceeded my expectations. Not only do they engage my son in thought-provoking activities that properly challenge him on every level, but they also encourage and help him to do his homework. This in turn leaves more family time for when he gets home. There is something very special about about Anisha and Maria who run the program at my son’s school. I even have to give credit to the person who found them. I think parents naturally feel guilty having to be at work all day and not spend that time with their children, yet Right At School does such an amazing job at enhancing my son’s growth and potential that even if I didn’t have to work I wouldn’t have his schedule any other way.”
    —J. Weitzenfeld, parent

    “We are very happy we made the decision to enroll our son in the Right At School program. Cally and Oscar are great with the kids. Not only do they help with homework, they engage the kids in activities that are fun, build important social skills and encourage creativity. It is nice to know that our son is in a safe, productive, and familiar environment while we are at work.”
    —G. Estes, parent

    “Right At School is very convenient. Knowing your children are being well cared for absence is always nice. And in the comfort of their school no less!”
    —T. Davis, parent

    “I do want to let you know that my two daughters are disappointed when we show up to pick them up as they’d rather stay at the school with the program then come home with mom or dad.”
    —Anonymous parent

    “Often times when I pick up my kids I they get upset because they are not finished with a project. It makes me happy to tell them more than once it’s time to leave.”
    —L. Arensman, parent

    “I love how convenient this program is! The staff is wonderful and I know my son loves attending each day. I think this is a perfect balance of an extension of his school day and playtime with his peers. I would recommend this to other families in a heartbeat!”
    —J. Eboreime, parent

    “My grandson loves the program. He does not want to leave when I come to pick him up.”
    —Anonymous grandparent

    “I love the fact that my son is dropped off at school in the morning. It is such a stress reliever!”
    —B. Woodard, parent

    “My daughter loves the program because she doesn’t want to go home!”
    —F. Torres-Gomes, parent

    “I love Right At School. The educators are great and seem to be really engaged with the children. My son is having a great experience so far!”
    —Anonymous parent

    “Our daughter goes every morning. Every morning we are greeted with smiles and cheer. I never feel as if the staff does not want to be there so early.”
    —Anonymous parent

    “I love this program. I cannot say enough about it. I am so glad that this program was available to me here at school. It gives me great peace of mind to know that my children are in a safe and nurturing environment. They actually get their homework done in the program. I have heard that promise before from other programs, but Right At School delivers!! My kids will be in the program and enjoying it for many years to come. Thank you.”
    —V. Johns, parent

    “RAS has helped tremendously as I am a single parent on a budget both monetarily and time wise. My daughter has a snack, does homework and plays everyday. She loves it!”
    —T. Lovel, parent

    “It’s a great program. My son and I are very happy with Right At School. He likes to spend a lot of time there. We see how much he has changed and can work independently. He is so happy and likes all the programs they do in class.”
    —Anonymous parent

    “I really love the fact that the educators at Right At School are challenging Christopher on his homework. They have him do more that what was asked of him and he tells us about it.”
    —Anonymous parent

    “Right at School rocks! I was thrilled to learn our school was offering the program, especially for the first day of school. Online registration was quick and easy in the convenience of my home. As a parent of a nine-year-old boy I am very impressed to see young men involved in both the before and afterschool day. Great role modeling guys!”
    —K. Potter, parent

    “What more can I say about the Right At School program other than I “LOVE IT!!” As do my two children. It gives me great peace of mind knowing that they do not have leave the campus via bus or car to be in a before/after school program. I have had my children in a few different programs and nothing compares to the Right At School program. With the homework help that my son has received his grades have improved a whole grade level across the board. I can tell you this would not have happened without the guidance he receives from the Right At School crew. I cannot thank you enough for this program and your wonderful staff!!!
    —V. Johns, Parent



  • What Our Educators Say...

  • “I can hardly put into words how working at Right At School has brought me so much joy, fulfillment, and growth, both professionally and personally. I feel supported, encouraged, and valued and it’s great knowing that there is even more room for me to grow with a company that is constantly growing itself. My co-workers have become a second family to me and my site a second home. We don’t just work together, we CREATE together, and that makes for the type of contagiously passionate and productive community & team environment that most people thrive in.”
    — Marissa S., Program Manager

    “Right At School has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. It is amazing to be active in the community every day. I feel like can make that much more of a difference in children’s lives. I have also been given the opportunity to grow professionally. This has been the journey that I will continue to hold onto and cherish.”
    —Mike C., Right At School Educator

    “I thoroughly enjoyed working at Right At School over the past school year. The experiences shared with the students have been fantastic. There is something very special about children who look forward to seeing, playing, and learning with you everyday. I did my best to leave a great lasting impression on them but the great impression they left on me is something I will never forget. Reinberg and Sauganash schools were among the best I could have hoped for. The educators and coaches were great to work with and my Area Coordinator was just as great. He always made time to help when needed, and showed that he cared about the work we were doing.”
    —Antonio M., Right At School Educator

    “Over the past two years that I have been with Right At School, I have only found my experience getting better and better. Starting out as an educator and having now moved into the role of Site Director, I am happy to be growing alongside RAS while also developing professionally…One of my favorite aspects of this job is the creativity it allows us to have when teaching after school. I love to encourage my educators to go above and beyond the standard curriculum to engage our students. From Jeopardy games to geography quizzes (which the students loved), I enjoy looking for new ways to teach them anything they want to know. Most days, we had many students complain that their parent arrived to early and they did not want to leave. Those are the moments when I know we have been successful in our job.”
    —Maris P., Right At School Educator


  • What Administrators Say...

  • “I have worked with Right at School for four years. They hire a professional staff, respond to our parents’ requests for enrichment programming, and give me total peace of mind with regards to our mid-day recess and after school program. The program takes care of our facility and I have never had issues with regards to damage or wear and tear. The partnership we have with RAS allows our families to have continuous child care provisions and a variety of enrichment on demand courses. Additionally, we are excited to have the RAS Summer camp at our school this summer. This will be a great benefit to our families, school and community. I highly recommend Right at School!”
    —Sandra Caudill, Principal

    “I would recommend Right at School to any and all schools. I can’t imagine them not being at Ebinger School. The revenue share we receive from Right At School FAR outweighs the negligible costs we incur to keep the lights on and doors open until 6pm. In fact, with the revenue share last year we bought a new backstop for our ball field and a school marquis. This year we will be purchasing chrome books for our entire 4th grade.”
    —Serena Peterson, Principal

    “I work as the art teacher at both Kingsley and Orrington School for District 65. Right At School is in the art room in the mornings for your before school program when I prepare for the day on Wednesdays and Fridays. I listen and watch as I prepare for my first classes of the day and have been so impressed by the quality of Right At School’s programming. I love how sincere and caring your staff is to the students they work with, and I am extremely grateful for how easy and professional I have found your staff to be to work with myself.”
    —B. McDermott, Teacher

    “In researching after school programs, I was looking for three outcomes: program quality, safety and security, and “no headaches” for administration. Right At School came in, delivered, and I have been thrilled.”
    —Dan Mair., Superintendent

    “Right At School is great! It eases our administrative workload, and our parents love it. Your staff is excellent and I have never had a single problem with the programs.”
    —Youlanda Royster, Assistant Principal, Murray Language Academy

    “We love Right At School. You guys are so flexible and do everything—it’s a piece of cake for the administration. The kids get their homework done, they learn and have fun, and parents are thrilled that their children are safe in our school. This is so much better than programs we’ve had in the past, and I love it that the kids are here, safe in our school.”
    —Melissa Raich, Assistant Principal, Sauganash Elementary School

    “I just wanted to let you know how great it has been working with Right At School and your staff at Bell Elementary, particularly your Site Manager, Maris. She’s been amazing to work with and is fantastic at her job! It has been a real pleasure working in partnership with you to bring a band program to the Bell Elementary families.
    —Danica D., Band For Today