• What Our Educators Say...

    Read What Our Educators Say about Right At School
  • What Our Educators Say...

  • “I can hardly put into words how working at Right At School has brought me so much joy, fulfillment, and growth, both professionally and personally. I feel supported, encouraged, and valued and it’s great knowing that there is even more room for me to grow with a company that is constantly growing itself. My co-workers have become a second family to me and my site a second home. We don’t just work together, we CREATE together, and that makes for the type of contagiously passionate and productive community & team environment that most people thrive in.”
    — Marissa S., Program Manager

    “Right At School has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. It is amazing to be active in the community every day. I feel like can make that much more of a difference in children’s lives. I have also been given the opportunity to grow professionally. This has been the journey that I will continue to hold onto and cherish.”
    —Mike C., Right At School Educator

    “I thoroughly enjoyed working at Right At School over the past school year. The experiences shared with the students have been fantastic. There is something very special about children who look forward to seeing, playing, and learning with you everyday. I did my best to leave a great lasting impression on them but the great impression they left on me is something I will never forget. Reinberg and Sauganash schools were among the best I could have hoped for. The educators and coaches were great to work with and my Area Coordinator was just as great. He always made time to help when needed, and showed that he cared about the work we were doing.”
    —Antonio M., Right At School Educator

    “Over the past two years that I have been with Right At School, I have only found my experience getting better and better. Starting out as an educator and having now moved into the role of Site Director, I am happy to be growing alongside RAS while also developing professionally…One of my favorite aspects of this job is the creativity it allows us to have when teaching after school. I love to encourage my educators to go above and beyond the standard curriculum to engage our students. From Jeopardy games to geography quizzes (which the students loved), I enjoy looking for new ways to teach them anything they want to know. Most days, we had many students complain that their parent arrived to early and they did not want to leave. Those are the moments when I know we have been successful in our job.”
    —Maris P., Right At School Educator