• Prussing Elementary School

    After School Programs
  • Whether you’re looking for a reliable and enriching after-school program
    every day or just on occasion, Right At School is right for you!
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    • The Right Club
      After-School Programs Mixing Learning and Fun
      • K-8
      • 3:15-6 pm
  • We’re here for parents looking for a safe and comfortable place to extend their child’s day with enrichment, homework help, fitness, and fun. Led by our nurturing educators, your child will become part of an after-school community that truly feels like family.

    We pride ourselves on our expertise in social-emotional learning, experiential education, and the power of play. While we use proprietary, evidence-based curriculum and focus on homework and physical fitness activities, our students just know they’re having fun.

    We’re here in your child’s school every day that school is in session for a full day. Sign up for as many days as you need or use our flexible drop-in option if you only need occasional support or have a last-minute need. You can change your mind at any time.

    • 5 Days/Week
    • Drop-In Fee
    • Sibling Discount
    • Annual registration fee per family
    • Pay in 10 Equal Payments
      September to June
    • 10-Day Punchcard
      - use anytime this school year!
  • Prussing Elementary School Location Information

    4650 N. Menard Ave., Chicago, IL 60630
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