Stevi Goodman

Stevi Goodman

Movin’ On Up!

This edition’s spotlight is on, drumroll please…..MEL LYONS! Mel started with Right At School several years ago to continue his work in Education. He found that working in after school programs was a meaningful way to give back to the community that he was living in at the time. Right At School seemed like a great place where he could continue to grow in his career, so he took a chance. Mel has been with the company for 6 years! In addition to the career growth he has experienced, part of what has kept him here long term is the ability to balance his passion for music while working at Right At School.

Mel joined Right At School as an Educator in one of our Evanston programs.

Within just 1 week, he was promoted to Program Manager for one of the largest sites at the time. His main responsibility was to build a relationship with the school. He took it a step further and built a relationship with the PTA. After 4 quick months, the school asked him to come and join the Recess team. At the time, he was the only Right At School person working at the school during the day, in addition to after school.  Mel didn’t stop there, he continued on to work in recess programs in Chicago schools and grew into a Senior Program Manager, where he managed 2 recess programs. He currently manages  the largest recess program within Right At School at Disney Elementary which includes 12 coaches!

As previously mentioned, career growth isn’t the only thing that has kept Mel here long term.

The ability to balance both his passion for music and the work that he does with Right At School has really impacted his experience working with the organization. While Mel is not working in our recess and after school programs, he is DJing and traveling with his music group across the world. Mel has felt extreme support from Right At School. In fact, his music group recently had a theater show and his fellow Area Managers in Chicago were all in attendance! The all around support Mel experiences from the Right At School family has made Right At School the perfect place for him to work and grow. 
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