• Why Choose Right At School?

    Keeping students happy, healthy and engaged
  • Our mission at Right At School is to inspire a love of learning, support schools, and give parents peace of mind.

    Right At School provides safe, engaging and meaningful in-school and extracurricular programs to enrich the lives of students, give parents peace of mind and enable schools to focus on their academic mission.

    We’re passionate about providing a wide range of exceptional and affordable enrichment, child-care and recess programs before, during and after school to as many students, parents and schools as possible. In 2011 we served 200 students per day; today the number is over 20,000.

    We succeed at this goal because we understand the synergy between two potentially competing ideals:

    1. All education is local. Right At School is at our best when we operate as part of the local school and community fabric; and

    2. Enrichment excellence requires systemic thinking and systematic execution. Right At School is at its best when we share proven strategies across all of our programs to improve quality, reduce costs, and continually innovate.

    1. Mission-Led

    We are driven to inspire a love of learning and a commitment to healthy living.

    2. Innovation-Driven

    We don’t rest on past success. We continually seek new ways to serve our students, parents and schools.

    3. Locally-Inspired

    We become part of the school’s fabric and we regularly learn from our school administrators, PTAs, teachers, students, and our vendor-partners how we can best meet their needs and achieve our shared goals.

    4. Efficiency-Obsessed

    We are resourceful and relentless in asking ourselves: how can we do this smarter and better?

    • $K
      given back

      Giving back to schools every day: $500,000+ donated to schools to date

    • K
      students per day

      We enrich over 20,000 students across North America.

    • %
      parents recommend us

      …and we won’t stop until we’re at 100%

    • M
      hours spent

      Over 5 million enrichment hours and growing

  • Students Love Us
    Parents Value Us

    We’re committed educators, but we understand that before and after the school bell rings, children just want to have fun.  That’s why we employ Disguised Learning.  We know our evidence-based curriculum and fitness activities are tied to outcomes, but our students just know they’re having fun.

    We’ve surveyed and spoken with thousands of parents over the years about our before and after school programs, and we continually improve our programs through our partnerships.

    In addition to our fantastic educators and programs, parents value our flexible scheduling, affordable pricing, online registration portal, customer service team (855-At-School) and caring and accessible field management team.

  • "The Right At School team is amazing and makes my children feel like they are part of a family. When I pick up my children they are not only finished with their homework but have had an amazing afternoon of fitness. It takes a village to raise a child....Right At School is part of my village.

    —Kristina V., Parent
  • "Bringing the Right At School Program into our District has been one of the best decisions that we have ever made. It allows us to focus on the educational opportunities provided to students during the instructional day and Right At School to focus on enrichment opportunities available to students after the bell rings! It is a true partnership."

    —Kellie Spencer, Asst. Superintendent, Cedar Hill, TX
  • Schools Recognize
    Our Impact

    We have significant experience with PreK- 8th grade out-of-school-time enrichment—it’s all that we do. We pride ourselves in our expertise in social-emotional learning, experiential education and the power of play. We also manage specialty enrichment classes and providers on behalf of the district, such as LEGO-robotics, martial arts, foreign languages, music, drama and more.

    Our school partners know that Right At School offers a turn-key solution for their districts and meets the individual needs of each school and student. Districts also appreciate that we understand and seek to align with their strategic plans by attending board meetings, providing free babysitting for PTA meetings, and becoming part of the school and district fabric.

  • Our Educators
    Are Exemplary

    Right At School takes pride in hiring highly-qualified staff with tremendous experience and skill working with school-aged children. Most importantly, they love working with children.

    Beginning with our own staff, we embody our mission to inspire a love of learning through training, mentorship and ongoing professional development. Our online training aligns with National AfterSchool Association competencies and offers our staff a 300+ module professional development library. Our live training supports staff in blending concepts from their online learning with their senior mentors.

    Training topics include child development, positive guidance, program quality, safety, curriculum and partnership building. All new staff are partnered with an RAS mentor to support their onboarding and ensure a smooth transition for their programs. Area Managers then ensure continual growth through weekly program visits to assess program quality and to provide additional resources and coaching for program staff.

  • "Right At School is in my classroom in the mornings for their before school program. I listen and watch as I prepare for my day, and I’m so impressed by the quality of the program. I love how sincere and caring your staff is to the students they work with, and I am extremely grateful for how easy and professional I have found your staff to work with myself."

    —B. McDermott, School Day Teacher
  • “As working parents we needed an after school program that would be engaging and educationally focused during the after school hours. Right At School has been a great program where our son has gotten a chance to make lots of new friends and has gained self-confidence. Our son talks quite a bit about the curricular activities, which are always fun as well as educational.”

    —Rosa E. and Mike O., Parents
  • We Provide
    Meaningful Fun

    Our dynamic Right Club curriculum, which is aligned with national standards, including Common Core, has been developed by educational experts who know how to disguise meaningful learning with hands-on fun. Through multi-sensory, multi-intelligence activities, students engage with creative and performing arts, composition and design, science and nature, history and commerce, fitness and conditioning, service learning, and global diversity. Our educators spark critical thinking and child-driven projects, while promoting self-confidence, team building, leadership skills, and a joy for learning.

    Some examples of our two-week units are Icky Experiments, when children will explore the chemistry of every day substances, Getting Down To Business, in which kids will create and learn how to implement their own business, and Global Games and Friends, in which children will explore sports and recreational games from around the globe. Children will establish e-pals, with whom they’ll share correspondence throughout the year.

    • “When I’m at Right At School, I feel as if I’m walking into this ginormous happy family. We all help one another The staff have helped me academically and in becoming a more responsible person.”

      5th Grade
    • “I’ve worked with Right at School for four years. They hire a professional staff and give me total peace of mind with regards to our mid-day recess and after school program. This is a great benefit to our families, school, and community.”

      Sandra Caudill
    • “The experience of working with Right At School has been fantastic. I do my best to leave a great lasting impression on my students, and the great impression they leave on me is something I will never forget.”

      Antonio M.