• Four-Day School Weeks

    Helping you round out your child's week with education and enrichment.
  • Your district has moved to a four-day school week (or is planning to do so).  As a working parent, what do you do now? 

    Right At School’s Right Club offers outstanding tuition-based full-day enrichment programs to add a fifth day of activities for your children, right in their own schools!

    Parents need a safe and meaningful place for their children to go when school is not in session.  With deep experience in educational enrichment, Right At School provides outstanding full-day programs to enrich the lives of students and give parents peace of mind. 

    Meaningful fun for students 

    Parents need to know their children enjoy the fifth-day programs—it can’t be “another day at school.” At the same time, as parents we don’t want fifth days to be filled with time-killing child care activities or screen-based entertainment.  That’s where the Right Club comes in.  Right At School is proud of our expertise in social-emotional learning, experiential education, Disguised Learning, and the power of play. Through multi-sensory, multi-intelligence activities, Right Club students engage in sports and fitness, outdoor learning, creative and performing arts, and community service learning.  Our educators spark individual growth, teamwork, and child-inspired projects, while promoting self-confidence, leadership skills, and a joy for learning. We’re committed educators, but we understand that on a “fifth day,” like our before and after the school programs, children just want to have fun.  

    Contact us to see how we can bring our fifth-day, holiday, and before- and after-school programs to YOUR school!



  • "I was immediately impressed by the ease of registration, friendliness and creativity of the staff, and fun atmosphere of the Right At School program. The additional enrichment programs offered makes this affordable, fun, and effective program a must for my family."

    —Nikel C., Parent