• Enrichment Vendor Management

    Right At School can help you manage all your enrichment providers
  • "Right At School is great! It eases our administrative workload, and our parents love it."

    —Youlanda Royster,
    Assistant Principal,
    Murray Language Academy

  • Whether it’s sports, tutoring, science, clubs, etc., we know what a challenge managing enrichment classes can be…especially for Administrators and PTAs!

    Do you have multiple vendors and/or teachers in your school after hours serving your students? What happens when a vendor calls in sick? Or a parent has a complaint?

    Who stays late to make sure every child gets picked up? Who makes sure quality is at the highest level for each and every program? Who ensures that all vendors have proper insurance and background checks?

    Let Right At School manage your enrichment programs, at no cost! We offer parents a single online registration resource to register and pay online, and we source and manage your vendors. Someone doesn’t show up? A Right At School Educator will be there to run the class. Parents looking for additional enrichment options? They only need to call our dedicated school hotline to have the Program Manager take care of their needs.

    Contact us to see how we can bring our enrichment programs to YOUR school!