Every few weeks, we will be introducing you to one of our enrichment courses. The goal of our enrichment programs is to help develop children’s creativity, confidence, character and conditioning, what we call the Four C’s.

This week our “In The Classroom” is about our “Paint Like Picasso, Draw Like Van Gogh”.  It’s more than just an arts and crafts class, it introduces students to a wide range of artists, types of art, and techniques spanning across three hundred years of history.

Each class, the students will learn about a different artist and what made their art special. They preview a slideshow of the different works while the teacher gives them a brief background of the artist and point out the techniques or characteristics of the artist’s work.

Then the students will create their own piece of art inspired by the artist. One week they may use coffee filters and watercolors to imitate Chagall’s America Windows. Another week they may make mini murals that represents ideas that are important to them like Keith Haring. And of course, the students may make 3D models of their bedroom like Van Gogh.

Each class will expand a student’s knowledge of art history, types of art, and learn different ways of being creative.

To see if this class is available at your school go to our Locations page.

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