don't ask questionsNow that our kids are back at school (or soon will be), here are some good questions to ask after school (and two to avoid).


The number one question not to ask:   “How was school?”  We all know the answer: “Fine”

Here’s another one to skip: “What did you learn at school today?”   The answer is always either “nothing” or “stuff”

These two pointless questions have been asked and answered in millions of homes for hundreds of years.  Let’s shake things up!


“What good question did you ask today in school?”

This terrific after-school question has been attributed to both Albert Einstein’s mother, as well the mother of physics Nobel Prize winner Isidor Isaac Rabi.  Regardless of who asked it first, it’s a great question.  It reminds children the importance of asking questions, and can be a great conversation starter.

“What was the strangest thing your teacher did today?”

Great teachers do some crazy things to get our children interested and engaged.  While all teachers can’t be Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus, most children think their teachers can be quite weird at times and are more than happy to share.

“What’s the best joke you heard today?” 

This question may not produce any Einsteins, but it’s a safe bet that your child heard at least one joke during the day and would be more than happy to share. Of course, you better be ready with your own joke.  Need one?   What did 0 say to 8?  Nice belt!  (full disclosure—my daughter Hannah said this isn’t funny, but I like it).

And the last good question to ask?

“What was the most fun thing you did in Right At School today? 

Okay, Okay, that’s shamefully self-serving.  But did you register your child yet?  And guess what?  This year you will never have to ask this question if your child is registered for The Right Club.   Not only will your child happily tell you what they did when you pick them up, but this year we have tri-fold poster boards at sign-out that tell you just what unit they’re currently enjoying.

So welcome back to school.   Have a great year!


PS  Here is a link to ten more good questions to ask.

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