• Afterschool Curriculum

  • High Quality Enrichment that Engages, Challenges, and Prepares Students

    At Right At School, we pride ourselves on our Disguised Learning TM approach – delivering meaningful curriculum that supports critical thinking, creativity, social-emotional learning, and more, through engaging, hands-on, FUN activities students love!

    Our District partners love our enrichment programs because they align with district priorities and reflect current initiatives. Our curriculum supports learning standards in English Language Arts, Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Physical Fitness, and Service Learning, along with Kennedy Fine Art Standards and CASEL’s Social Emotional Learning Standards. Most importantly, our programs help students develop intellectually, emotionally, and socially, all while falling in love with learning through engaging fun!

    Engagement, Choice, and Exploration

    Our daily schedule is thoughtfully designed and highly intentional. Our programs are designed to provide your students with enrichment activities as well as opportunities to dive into student-led projects, develop peer leadership, serve their communities, finish homework, get outside for fitness, and explore personal interests.

    Sample Right Club Schedule (program times may vary)



    Fun Activities that Simultaneously Enrich

    Our fun, thematic activities engage students in multi-sensory, multi-intelligence learning. Our educators spark critical thinking and teamwork while promoting self-awareness, identity development, and appreciation for diversity. Here are a few examples of the hundreds of original activities students enjoy each year…

  • Inventor's Workshop

    Students journey through the creative process, just like Alexander Graham Bell and Leonardo da Vinci before them. They learn how these legendary thinkers turned ideas into reality while trying a hand at their own inventions. Along the way, students answer essential questions like: How do inventors generate ideas? How do they turn a great idea into a new invention? What skills are needed to be an inventor?

  • Global Games & Friends

    Children all over the world love to play games with their friends. In this activity, students will travel the globe to discover the many different ways children play, compete, and grow closer in this active assortment of international amusement. Students will also answer essential questions like: What do we have in common with people around the world? How can we be active participants in our global community?

  • Programs for All Grade Levels

    Our repertoire of engaging activities is designed for different age groups from PreK-8th grade students, reflecting the unique interests and developmental milestones of each age group.

    Our curriculum is designed for three tiers of grade levels:

    • Early Learners (Preschool/Kindergarten)
    • Elementary (Kindegarten-5th)
    • Middle School (6th-8th)
    • “Right At School has become a true partner with Arcadia. As a partner, they share our values and support our mission. RAS is responsive when issues become known and dream with us when opportunity arises. RAS leaders and staff believe in a “student-first” approach to childcare, are innovative in their program offerings, and are sensitive and caring in their relationships with our team.“

      Dr. David Vannasdal
      Arcadia Unified School District, California
    • “We had high expectations going in to this partnership and Right At School has exceeded those expectations. I would highly recommend using them for any child care programming.“

      Dr. Philip Ertl
      Wauwatosa School District, Wisconsin
    • “Ms. Jackson and the Right At School staff have provided a wonderful service to our students and parents this year. We are extremely satisfied with the program, their professionalism and how the students are engaged each day. Thank you Right At School!“

      Dr. Marc Smith
      Duncanville ISD, Texas
    • “Right At School provides an outstanding and very professional option for our parents for before and after school programming. They are courteous and careful with our children and work as a strong partner with us.“

      Dr. John Correll
      Salt Creek District 48, Illinois
    • “Bringing the Right At School program into our District has been one of the best decisions that we have ever made. It allows us to focus on the educational opportunities provided to students during the instructional day and RAS to focus on enrichment opportunities available to students after the bell rings! It is a true partnership!“

      Kelli Spencer
      Deputy Superintendent
      Cedar Hill ISD, Texas