How Right at School Can Support Your District Reopening Plan

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Right At School

Dear District Partners,

As you consider the best way to safely reopen your school district, we want to share how Right At School may support your reopening strategy — no matter which direction you choose to take.

Our experience running essential personnel camps throughout the pandemic and learning from our district partners has enabled us to build capacity to support and enhance a variety of reopening scenarios. Here are the scenarios we see playing out across the country:

Hybrid Schedule

Many of our partners are considering a partial return to face-to-face learning in the Fall. This strategy is designed to accommodate safe physical distancing and thorough sanitation practices.

This scenario could play out in many different ways, often divided by age group: half days, alternating days, shortened weeks, etc. Some districts are considering moving middle and high schoolers to full-time virtual learning to make additional space for elementary schoolers. 

In any case, parent demand for childcare will be intense. Working parents, who are already returning to their regular work hours, will need a safe, nurturing environment for their children when class is not in session.

That’s why Right At School is offering full-day and wraparound care (in addition to our before and afterschool programs) to accommodate the diverse class schedules of our district partners. Your RAS area manager and regional director will coordinate with you to determine the appropriate program schedule and identify the right space to host safe and enriching childcare. And where district space is hard to come by, we will work with you and the community to identify off-site space to safely operate our programs.

Traditional Schedule

Should your district decide to bring kids back to the classroom full-time, Right At School is ready to deliver the same world-class before and after school enrichment programs your parents and students have come to know and love.

Since the start of the pandemic, Right At School has operated full-day camps for first responders and essential workers in New York and Washington. We have adapted our programs to accommodate safe physical distancing and strict adherence to all CDC guidelines. Our policies include:

  • Staff take students’ temperatures and check for symptoms of illness before they are allowed to enter the program.
  • Staff wear face masks at all times.
  • Staff and students wash hands thoroughly and frequently.
  • Staff disinfect surfaces after every use.
  • Students have separate supply kits and do not share with other children.

Our programs may look a bit different, but students will recognize the programs they love: meaningful enrichment and social-emotional learning disguised as FUN!

Distance Learning

Some of our partners are contemplating a continuation of full-time distance learning in the Fall. We also know that a resurgence of the virus could force schools to close periodically throughout the 2020-2021 school year.

Right At School’s curriculum team is finalizing development of a fully virtual version of our Right Club program so kids can stay engaged in virtual learning and socialization outside of their home school hours. Should school buildings remain closed, we’re ready to continue supporting your district’s learning objectives, keep students engaged, and give work-from-home parents a much-needed break! We’re even working with vendor partners to ensure continued, virtual access to our Electives program.

If schools remain closed, essential workers, first responders, and even your teachers will still be hard-pressed to find childcare. We already have experience partnering with school districts throughout the pandemic to operate essential personnel camps on-site, and we can rapidly deploy the same in your district should the need arise. Our local teams are also working to identify community space to safely operate our programs if our district partners deem it necessary to fully shut down school facilities.

A True Partnership

You may have seen your district’s unique reopening plan reflected in the scenarios above. If not, please bear this in mind: Right At School has the resources, the adaptability, and the dedication to meet the pressing childcare needs of your community, come what may.

Please contact your Area Manager or Regional Director to discuss Right At School’s crucial role in your district’s reopening plan.


The Right At School Team

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