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Right At School programs are up and running in many of our communities! We continue to work closely with our school district partners to offer programs that meet families' needs with current school schedules. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you stay in the loop with Right At School plans in your school district.

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Learn how Right At School may look different in your school

Schools around the country are finding different ways to safely reopen their doors this Fall—and that means Right At School may look a little different too. Some districts are returning to class full-time with added safety precautions, others are going full-time distance learning, while many are opening up with a mix of both.

No matter what, we have a plan! Find the scenario that best describes your school district to learn what your child will experience in our programs.


In-Person School

Is your school reopening classrooms full-time? We’ll be back with the same before and after school programs your child loves—but you might notice some changes. We’ve spent months enhancing every nook and cranny of Right Club to make sure your child feels safe, has more fun than ever, and gets back to the socialization they’ve been missing since spring.

Enhanced safety

We’ve carefully updated our safety practices and curriculum to promote a healthy and safe environment.

Personal supplies

We’re asking families to bring a personal supply kit to avoid sharing materials… and germs! You’ll receive a supply list via email soon!

Emotional well-being

It’s been a tough year for kids. Our educators have all been trained in trauma-informed care and are equipped to help your child readjust to school life while building lifelong social skills.

Daily learning

Learning = fun with our hands-on enrichment activities. Our brand new lesson plans keep the fun factor high while ensuring safe physical distancing.

Fun fitness

Your child will stay active, happy, and healthy with loads of safely-distanced games and activities.

Homework help

We help your student finish homework so you can enjoy weeknight family time! Our staff offer guidance and support—never answers.


Hybrid Schedule

You found out your school is reopening with a hybrid of face-to-face class time and remote instruction. What happens now? Schools around the country are taking this approach in lots of ways—half-days, A/B groups, shortened weeks—and it can make it hard to plan for childcare. We’re here to help fill these gaps so you can start the school year with peace of mind.

A schedule that fills in the gaps

We’re working with your school leaders to figure out the right schedule to fit your school’s plans. You may see a combination of after school, full-day, and half-day care.

Same spirit, different format

Whatever shape your hybrid schedule takes, children will recognize the Right Club they know and love. Fun fitness, homework help, hands-on learning, social activities—all tailored to your school’s learning needs.

Remote learning support

If your school requires remote learning during non-school hours, we’re ready to assist! We’ll set up a quiet environment where our educators support your child’s online class meetings and assignments.

Safer than ever

We’ve carefully updated our safety practices and curriculum to promote a healthy and safe environment.


Distance Learning

Some school districts will start the school year on a full-time distance learning schedule. If your district falls into this category, Right At School may still be able to offer full-day, in-person childcare on-site at school.


We’ve been running full-day camps for essential workers since March—which has given us lots of experience building safe, distraction-free environments to help students focus and succeed in their online coursework.

Getting started

We’ll help your student set up their learning equipment and settle in. If time permits, we’ll do a fun fitness activity to get the wiggles out!

Flexible schedules

We customize our schedule around your school’s online classes to ensure your child stays on track with their classmates.

Learning environment

Staff will group students appropriately to foster a distraction-free environment. We may ask you to bring headphones if your district doesn’t supply them.

Tech assistance

Technical difficulties happen! Our team will help your child get connected and troubleshoot any issues that arise with their equipment.

Homework help

When class isn’t in session, our educators will facilitate homework time and help students critically think their way through problems—without providing the answers.

Active time

Like all of us, students are craving a sense of normalcy! We design our programs to resemble a real school day—complete with lunchtime and recess to keep your child active and engaged.

Step 3: Stay Healthy
Staying Healthy

Get familiar with our enhanced safety & wellness practices

No matter what your school schedule looks like this year, our no-compromise approach on safety will create a healthy environment for your child.

Wellness Checks

We provide wellness checks for staff and students every day before entering the program. These include temperature-taking and self-assessment for any symptoms. No one is allowed with any symptoms or if there is a sick family member at home.

Hygiene Practices

We adhere to new hygiene practices: handwashing for staff and students for at least 20 seconds multiple times per day (upon arrival, before eating, coming in from outside, after restroom use, etc.).

Physical Distancing

Physical distancing is practiced at all times. Students sit apart during meal times, curriculum activities and outdoor play (playground equipment is not used).

Staff Face Masks

All staff wear protective face masks in the program at all times.

Personal Supply Kits

Students do not share activity supplies; each student has his or her own supply kit.

Sanitization Practices

We have increased sanitization practices: all surfaces and areas are cleaned after each use throughout the day.

Staff to Student Ratios

Staff to student ratios meet or exceed each state’s new regulations.

Step 4: What's Next

So what’s next?

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