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First created by Native Americas of the Southwest, suncatchers make great decorative pieces. They are fun to make and show off all the beautiful colors found in nature.

Times sure are weird right now, aren’t they? I know I’ve been feeling a lot of uncertainty and anxiety. But then I’ll see someone walking their dog, and just that makes the world feel a little more normal.

I’m a working parent with two girls (ages 10 and 7) who are Right At School kids, just like yours. Like so many of us parents, I’m trying to find a balance of working from home and homeschooling my kids.

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  • Coffee Filter Suncatcher
    First created by Native Americas of the Southwest, suncatchers make great decorative pieces.
    Right At School
  • How to nail down biking basics
    Teach your child to ride a bike in 45 Minutes
    Cycling Weekly
  • Demonstrate helmet safety with this “melon drop” activity.
    Kids like an active demo, and we suggest four: the melon drop, egg drop, lightbulb drop and jello brain.
  • Foil Transfer Art
    We’re repurposing markers and foil to make tie-dyed paper prints!
    Right At School
  • Art of Nature
    One of the first things people think of when they think of fall are leaves. Let’s take some of this beauty from nature and make it into Leaf Creature Artwork!
    Right At School
  • Find Your "Virtual" Park
    Check out the National Park Foundation's suggestions for Park Activities You Can Do from the Comfort of Your Home or Take a Virtual Visit to a National Park.
    National Parks Service
  • 30 Plus Scavenger Hunts
    Find treasures in nature with this list of printable scavenger hunts from a variety of bloggers.
    Buggy and Buddy
  • It's about Time…to Make a Sundial!
    It's about time, to make a sundial! Theses Step-by-step instructions show you how to make one with household itmems.
    Scientific American
  • Mystery Science Activities
    Who invented pizza? Can animals laugh? Students explore these questions through a variety of videos and hands-on activities. Lessons range from 15 to 90 minutes.
    Mystery Science
  • Outdoor Obstacle Course
    Tips on how to create an interesting obstacle course in your own backyard.
    How Stuff Works
  • Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt
    Turn your backyard or neighborhood into a nature scavenger hunt with this fun activity from Inspiration Made Simple.
    Inspiration Made Simple by Kim Connor
  • 28 Edible Science Projects
    A list of fun, kid-friendly food experiments that you can actually eat!
    We Are Teachers
  • TED Talks for Kids
    Fun, informative and captivating talks to inspire young minds.
    TED Talks
  • Spaghetti Towers
    Making towers with spaghetti and marhmallows
  • Jr NBA At Home
    Jr. NBA at Home is an interactive content series providing basketball skills and drills featuring NBA and WNBA players that can be completed individually and in limited space to help young players around the world stay active and develop their game in a safe and healthy way.
    Jr NBA
  • Radiolab for Kids
    Kid-friendly stories curated by Radiolab. All in one bingeable spot!
  • Science at Home
    Chicago's museum of Science and Industry wants to help us keep learning in place and at your pace with science activities and topics you can access anytime.
    Chicago Museum of Science and Industry
  • Amazing Body Illusions
    Exploring the senses

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    Great Wall of China National Parks The Great Pyramids The Colosseum Easter Island The White House Chichen Itza Mars
  • Theme Parks
    Disney World LEGOland
  • Museums
    Louvre The Vatican Museum British Museum, London Boston Children's Museum Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History NASA Museum of Modern Art
  • Zoos & Aquariums
    San Diego Zoo Monterey Bay Aquarium The Great Pyramids Cincinnati Zoo Houston Zoo National Marine Sanctuaries - virtual dives

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