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Here’s what’s happening in Right At School this year

Schedules are changing with the seasons and we’re excited to offer meaningful guidance and support for distance learning, online classwork, and homework while making the most of every additional minute with fun fitness, enriching activities, and important socialization! Safely distanced, of course!

Distance Learning Support

We are passionate educators so you don't have to be one. If your school district is practicing distance learning, we'll facilitate a quiet environment for kids to join online classes and complete online coursework.


Homework Help Away From Home

Keep homework stress where it belongs — with us. Right At School educators group kids into age-appropriate cohorts and help everyone complete assigned homework on time.


Enriching Activities

Your child will enjoy a variety of Disguised Learning activities every day with friends and peers, exploring math and science, reading and writing, nature and outdoor learning, creative and performing arts, community service, and global diversity.


Fitness & Fun With Friends

We all need a little quiet time at home. We'll help your child get out pent-up energy and enjoy physically distanced fun that gets everyone moving, feeling great, and living healthy!


Happy Socialization

Spending time with peers outside the home may be the best medicine for an anxious time. Our educators are specially trained to help kids make the transition back to school and stay happy and positive in an environment full of peers, friendship, and support.


Maximum Schedule Flexibility

We know your schedules may be just as wacky as ours — so go ahead and pick the options that work for you, on the days you and your kids need. We bill weekly, and that means you can change your child's registration any time to stay in sync with your life.


No matter what your school’s schedule looks like, there’s a good chance we’re open and ready for some fun! Here are three typical school schedules and how we’re supporting each one:


After School & Before School

After School & Before School

In schools back on a full-time regular schedule, we offer the After School and Before School Right Club you know and love, every day! We’ve even updated our 2020-2021 enrichment curriculum with lots of fun new activities designed with physical distancing and safety in mind!


Full-Day with Distance Learning

Full-Day with Distance Learning

When buildings are closed and your child is taking classes from home, we may still be open and on-site in your district running full-day distance learning support programs. Your child will be with us all day in an environment conducive to getting online coursework done (and still having a lot of fun!)


Alternate School/Home Days

Alternate School/Home Days

Some districts are bringing kids back to school - just not every day! In these environments, we may be open and offering Right Club on a schedule that gives your kid a safe place to get their work done, have fun, and spend time with peers on the days they’re not in school. We may even offer After School or Before School on the days they’re in school!

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Here are some of the fun things your kids will experience!

Our enrichment experts never stop working on creative activities that offer fun learning experiences, positive teamwork, and age-appropriate socialization. Here are just three of the over one-hundred sixty activities on the 2020-2021 calendar:

It’s time to celebrate! We’re making magnificent messes with crafty contraptions. We’ll fill the sky with color, as our engineers propel confetti with powerful prototypes!

In anticipation of precipitation we’re innovating waterproofing techniques. Now that it's raining more than ever, come stand under our umbrella!

Falling with grace is the goal of this gadget. With nature as our guide, we’re designing unique paper propellers that cut through the air. Spinning and toppling, drifting, and gliding, our gizmos will dance through the sky.

See How Safe,
See How Fun!

We partner with your school district to align our comprehensive health and safety practices. We want everyone to feel safe and happy at Right At School!

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Check out what a Bethel School District principal has to say!

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