Mountain Rescue Challenge

Use your creativity to design a device to rescue a mountain climber who has gotten stuck.

Can you help a mountain climber out of a sticky situation? See if you can come up with a creative solution to rescue him from a water bottle.

Recently, in Denali National Park, a mountain climber fell into a crevasse, or deep crack, while climbing Kahlitna Glacier (a glacier is a giant mass of ice). It took a team of people, and a lot of collaboration and ingenuity, to get him out.
Find a water bottle to represent a crevasse and small toy figure that will fit inside – this is your stuck mountain climber. Oops! Now he’s stuck!

Challenge: Rescue your explorer out of this crevasse using everyday materials.

Rescuers are resourceful — be creative and hunt around your house to build your own extraction device. You’ll need something that is long enough to reach inside the crevasse (water bottle) and a way to grab and scoop your explorer. You can touch the water bottle but you may not move or tip it! Suggested household items to help with your extraction: fork or spoon, chopsticks, tape, string, dental floss, pencils, paperclips, or straws.


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